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Phil Akrow
National Link Coalition
Arkow is coordinator for the National Link Coalition. He advises the Oklahoma Link Coalition, the ASPCA, and other organizations about the link between human and animal violence.
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Cynthia Armstrong
The Humane Society of the United States
As Oklahoma senior state director, Armstrong leads major campaigns to protect Oklahoma animals including the ban on cockfighting and ending puppy mills.
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Matt Biggar
Connected to Place
A strategy consultant from San Francisco, Biggar supports the work of Common Bonds through planning, implementation, and assessment of crosssector partnerships.
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Paulette Black
Kirkpatrick Foundation (retired)
A senior program officer from 2006 to 2019, Black helped co-found the Oklahoma Link Coalition and was an active member of Animal Grantmakers.
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Kelly Burley
Common Bonds
As director of Common Bonds, Burley oversees a leadership initiative designed to end the needless euthanasia of cats and dogs in Oklahoma by the year 2025.
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Nicholas Gilman
Humane Logic
Gilman advises nonprofits and foundations around the country on the subject of animal sheltering. He has worked extensively with Pets & People Humane Society, among others.
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Brian Ted Jones
Jones, an Oklahoma City lawyer, led the Kirkpatrick Foundation analysis of State Question 777 in 2016. As education director, he made several presentations around the state on the matter.
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Christian Keesee
Kirkpatrick Foundation
Keesee serves as chairman of the board of Kirkpatrick Foundation and president of the board for Kirkpatrick Family Fund. He is a member of the National Council for The Humane Society of the United States.
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Randall Lockwood
University of Florida
For more than thirty years, Lockwood has worked with law-enforcement agencies as an expert on human-animal issues and testified in dozens of trials involving animal cruelty and dog-attack fatalities.
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Joe Maxwell
Family Farm Action
Maxwell has served as a state representative, state senator, and lieutenant governor of Missouri. Maxwell works to keep markets open for family farms and independent ranchers.
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Louisa McCune
Kirkpatrick Foundation
As executive director, McCune oversees foundation operations and the Safe & Humane initiative. She currently serves as the Animal Grantmakers board president.
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Bob Meadow
Lake Research Partners
For thirty years, Meadow has provided opinion research and strategic advice for advocacy organizations, including species-specific animal protection groups.
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Ann Olson
Animal Folks
As founder and executive director of Animal Folks, Olson works to protect animals in Minnesota by finding innovative ways to prevent animal cruelty and improve how animal law is enforced.
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Patricia Olson
DVM, Animal Welfare and Research Institute
A former president of Morris Animal Foundation, Olson has created programs that foster the human-animal bond. She also consults on humane and healthy transportation of animals worldwide.
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Manda Overturf Shank
Kirkpatrick Foundation
As program officer, Overturf Shank manages Safe & Humane projects for the foundation, including various publications and coordinating the ANIMAL conferences.
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Wayne Pacelle
Animal Wellness Foundation
Pacelle is the CEO of Animal Wellness Foundation and the former president of the Humane Society of the United States. He is widely credited for creating the global movement to protect animals.
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Bernard Rollin
Colorado State University
Rollin is a leading animal-ethics philosopher and scholar and developed the world’s first courses in veterinary medical ethics.
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Andrew Rowan
Wellbeing International
As CEO of Wellbeing International and the former CEO of the Humane Society International, Rowan has written many books on pet overpopulation, wildlife conservation, and animals used in research.
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Philip Tedeschi
Institute for Human-Animal Connection
As executive director, Tedeschi studies and teaches at the University of Denver on the intricate relationship between people, domestic and wild animals, and the natural world.
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Kristy Wicker
Wicker coauthored The Oklahoma Animal Study and helped edit the Reporting Animal Cruelty manual. She is a member of the Norman Animal Welfare Oversight Committee.