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Would you like to be more involved in the ANIMAL Conference? Would you like to connect with experts in your field and impact the future of animal-wellbeing in Oklahoma? The Kirkpatrick Foundation is looking for twenty-four adult volunteers and ten student volunteers (please see the Scholars and Fellows program below) willing to donate their time to help execute the ANIMAL 2015 conference in Oklahoma.

Who is eligible?
Volunteer opportunities are available for all people 16 years of age and older. Volunteers for the conference will be required to commit to at least one full-day of volunteer time at the conference.

Are you a graduate, undergraduate, or high-school student? 
The ANIMAL Conference has set aside an additional students-only program called Fellows & Scholars for ten students. Designated as Scholars (high school) and Fellows (college), the ANIMAL Conference will provide opportunities for young adults in Oklahoma to make a difference in their community while taking part in the first ANIMAL Conference. Fellows & Scholars will be actively engaged in:

  • Co-hosting speakers
  • Table hosts for luncheons and dinners
  • Public speaking opportunities, including panel introductions
  • Promoting the conference through social media before, during, and after the conference.

What will I be doing at the conference?
Volunteers, Scholars, and Fellows at the conference will serve many roles. First and foremost, they will act as ambassadors of information to others attending the conference. Volunteers will also help direct attendees to room and event locations, serve as room moderators, assist staff with other tasks, organize and prepare conference bags, greet attendees, direct or answer attendee questions, and much more. The mandatory training meeting will provide all training necessary for this role.

What do I receive for my volunteer time?
Being an ANIMAL Conference volunteer will support the overall mission of the conference and the goal of Safe & Humane. As a thank you to those giving of their time, volunteers will also receive:

  • Volunteers will receive a fee waiver for one day of the conference.
  • Access to networking opportunities: [As a volunteer, you'll have a chance to connect with speakers for which sessions you volunteer.]
  • TBD

Details are still being decided about the volunteer program from 2018, please check back in mid-July for more details.