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Farm & Industry

Best practices for food safety and public health

The Oklahoma Pork Council encourages pork producers to become certified in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program. This program outlines Good Production Practices in the areas of animal care and food safety. For more information about the council and the program, please clink on the following link:

Best practices for small producers and large corporations, including veterinary care and humane farming and slaughter

The Oklahoma Beef Council is a non-profit created to “increase beef demand and producer profitability by focusing on the consumer.” For more information about the Beef Council please follow this link:

The Oklahoma Food Coop is a member-owned cooperative business enterprise that focuses on locally grown and hand-made food and non-food items from Oklahoma. Meat and poultry producers cannot use routine antibiotics or animal products in feed. Producers are certified by three national certification organizations. For more information:

Research into new housing systems that promote productivity and welfare