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Our Areas of Focus

How Kirkpatrick Foundation works to make a difference:

Since the debut of the Safe & Humane initiative in July 2012, the Kirkpatrick Foundation has taken steps toward the development of a more humane community of people and animals in Oklahoma. The foundation is committed to those steps as we face future challenges and successes.

Study and Publish

In 2013, the Kirkpatrick Foundation embarked on a benchmark study to assess the status of Oklahoma animals and their needs. That study is in the final stages of editing and will be released during summer 2015. The baseline study will be reevaluated every two years to see the state of animals, featuring research, trends, profiles, progress, and ongoing efforts. For more information about the study please go to our Study webpage.


At the Oklahoma Roundtable for Animal Welfare, leaders across platforms and industry meet twice yearly for a discussion about the wellbeing of Oklahoma animals. For more information, please visit the Roundtable webpage at


The Kirkpatrick Foundation will host a conference every three years to bring together national and local leaders, educations, advocates, and grant-makers to discuss current issues and topics surrounding the state of animals in Oklahoma. For more information about the conference, please visit the ANIMAL conference tab at the top of this page.


The Kirkpatrick Foundation will expand its grant-making to non-profits whose missions support innovative programming that advances the vision.


The Kirkpatrick Foundation encourages those in Oklahoma, as well as the surrounding region, to take part in the Safe and Humane initiative. Please see the How to Make a Difference page on this website for links to local organizations making a difference in our community. If you have any suggestions or questions about how you can get involved in the initiative, please contact Manda Shank.

View the Safe & Humane PDF booklet