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Socio-Economic Issues

Poverty and economic distress as it pertains to pet ownership

The Bella Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to assist low-income, elderly or terminally ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when it cannot be afforded and also find permanent loving homes for rescued animals. For more information about the organization and program, please check this website.

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City, Inc. is dedicated to reducing hunger in pets and the people who love them by providing food and pet services to low income pet owners.

Fostering the human-animal bond in special populations, including prisoners, elderly, veterans, homeless, and people with disabilities

Friends for Folks is a program located in Lexington, Oklahoma that connects inmates and abused and abandoned dogs to prepare the dogs to be family pets or service dogs. The program is expanding to other Oklahoma prisons.

Pen Pals Prison Program teaches inmates at CCA-Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville, Oklahoma to train shelter dogs into well-mannered companion dogs, who are then adopted by people in the community. Research shows that inmates become more patient, tolerant, and increase in their confidence, empathy, and ability to share emotions with dog and, in turn, humans

National Link Coalition is a non-profit built on the idea that human and animal well-being are intertwined and that the prevention of family and community violence can best be achieved through partnerships representing multi-species perspectives. The “Link” is the strong connection between violent to people and violence to animals.

Oklahoma Link Coalition was founded in June 2014 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The organization “promotes collaboration, cooperation, public awareness, and education to end violence against people and animals by recognizing the link between human and animal abuse." Current membership of the organization consists of animal care veterinarians, shelter volunteers, domestic violence shelter employees, and others in the animal or human violence community. Anyone is welcomed to participate in the organization.; website coming soon!

Access to crisis housing for people with pets

Domestic Violence Intervention Services of Tulsa is the only nonprofit agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding communities to provide comprehensive intervention and prevention services to men, women, and children affected by domestic and sexual violence. Currently the agency is building a shelter facility that will also hold a kennel for domestic violence pet owners. This will be the first kennel in such a shelter in Oklahoma.

RedRover’s mission is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. RedRover accomplishes its mission by engaging volunteers and supporters, collaborating with others and maximizing the use of online technology.