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The Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital

In July 2011, the Kirkpatrick philanthropies announced a $1 million gift to advance a capital campaign to build a new veterinary hospital for the Oklahoma City Zoo. This initial gift, combined with $4.5 million in membership and private fundraising and $4.5 million from the Oklahoma City taxpayers, resulted in the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital.

The Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital is a new state-of-the art hospital at the Oklahoma City Zoo that was open to the public in 2015. The hospital is named in honor of the late Joan Kirkpatrick, an animal lover and strong supporter of the zoo. Located on the zoo grounds near the Oklahoma Trails bison exhibit, the new hospital will ensure that the Oklahoma City Zoo remains one of the nation’s leading authorities in zoological animal care.

The 20,171 square foot zoo veterinary hospital facility provides the zoo with a new surgery room, radiology room, treatment room for non-surgical procedures, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. The facility contains animal holding cells that will provide short term holding and medium term quarantine housing for animals at the zoo. It  also houses a new commissary which manages the dietary needs of the animals as well as houses offices for staff and a small lodging for visiting veterinary doctors.

An additional and exciting bonus for Oklahoma City Zoo visitors is the hospital facility’s observation deck. Visitors now have an opportunity to watch as animals are examined, receive medical treatment, or undergo surgery. Additional educational exhibitsflank the hospital to give zoo visitors more information about the treatments they observed and why such medical procedures take place.

The Kirkpatrick Foundation is excited to be such an instrumental part of this wonderful, new endeavor and we encourage the public to take the time and appreciate the new hospital.