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2012 Milestones

  • Kirkpatrick Foundation and ASPCA co-fund Oklahoma City’s Community Cats Program, administered by the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division. The innovative program aims to decrease euthanasia by sterilizing, vaccinating, and returning community cats to their neighborhoods.


  • Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law the Commercial Pet Breeders Act of 2012, which puts the Board of Agriculture in charge of licensing commercial pet breeders. Under the 2012 law, commercial pet breeders with more than 11 breeding dogs and cats would be regulated by the Board of Agriculture instead of the Pet Breeders Board. The Pet Breeders Board is made up of representatives from animal welfare, the breeders, and the state Veterinary Medical Association. The law also requires that breeders be required to meet more stringent cage size requirements for cages installed after September 1, 2012. Those purchasing pets from commercial breeders will also be provide protection under the 2012 law.
  • An evening reception, luncheon, and public lecture, hosted by the Kirkpatrick Foundation, were held at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club and Oklahoma City Community Foundation in July for Dr. Bernard Rollin, a noted animal ethicist, author of 17 books and professor of Philosophy, Biomedical Sciences, and Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. The events, which heralded the new Safe & Humane initative, were well-received and followed by an interview with OETA and Writing Out Loud. Dr. Rollin also met with Kirkpatrick Foundation trustees to help set the priorities of the effort.